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Our morning in Pueblo San Ysidro and afternoon at Pueblo Alemania brought the Root Causes Pilgrimage right to the heart of the problem facing disadvantaged, threatened and cruelly ignored neighborhoods around the cities of Honduras. There was absolutely no doubt that these communities, each of 250 families, are passionate and determined to bring their cause into public view and win their legal case for each family to own their piece of land — but the threats are great

Karen, a leader at San Ysidro spoke about the day the police and military showed up to tear down her house and force her out, where she literally stood up for her rights as she and her children climbed up on the machines at the gate. Rachel, leading the board at Alemania outlined 8 years of work describing deaths and threats to her and city incompetence but promised she “Will not give up!”

“Only the Pueblo can save the Pueblo” — but much support is needed in resources, legal help, access to jobs and much increased service to the disabled.

If you would like to follow along and read more about the causes of immigration and migration from Honduras, you can follow the blog and reflections of representatives of the Root Causes Honduras 2019 Delegation.

This blog post was written by a representative with the 2019 Root Causes of Migration Pilgrimage to Honduras. The content of this guest post is based on the personal witness and opinions of the author and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids or its ministries. Nor can the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids vouch for the accuracy of the information.