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My favorite spot at Marywood is the back porch on the north side of the building. Sitting there in a comfortable chair, I have a view of much of the backyard. The pear trees offer beauty in all seasons. The spring blossoms and emerging leaves, the summer fullness of leaf, the fall bronze color, and the winter barren branches showing all the squirrel nests: each beautiful in its own manner.

Whether I am visiting a friend, reading a book, knitting a hat, or coloring a mandala, I love the peace and beauty of that spot. While I appreciate the solitude it offers me, I am also happy to visit with the many who may be walking thru the pear garden during that time.

On occasion I am treated to the song of the cardinals singing from the treetops or the antics of the many squirrels who search for their food in or under the trees.

I know of no scene as beautiful as the contrast of the dark green summer leaves against a bright blue sky unless it’s the colorful leaves of fall against that same bright blue sky.