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Emmaus House Christmas Project: Blessings to Saginaw

Generosity abounds. Another load of gifts was delivered to Emmaus House on Jan. 5. And I have plans to deliver yet another load including winter coats, dishes and other household items. Thanks to everybody for your support of our ministry and Christmas project. – Sister Maria Goretti Beckman

Emmaus House provides transitional living and life skills to women coming from jail, prison, or rehab. Its purpose is to provide women with a safe, family-like, Christian atmosphere while they are rebuilding their lives, says the Emmaus House website.

The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids have been supporters of this desperately needed haven in Saginaw since it was founded in 1987.

According to Sr. Maria Goretti Beckman, this Nov. 7 the Sisters and Associates initiated an intentional response to our Congregation’s Direction Statement which reads: “We commit as women to stand with other women of our world as we experience oppression, poverty, and violence. On Nov. 7, a project began to take shape to share our blessings and message of hope with the women living in Emmaus House Saginaw.

“Women at Emmaus House are isolated, distressed, and afraid of what their future may hold,” shares Sr. Maria. “In sharing our gifts, we offer up a message, `Do not be afraid.'”

“Our wish was to provide a safety net, support, hope, and Christmas cheer by providing gift bags for residents of this safe haven,” describes Sr. Maria. “The response to our Wish List of gifts of hair, bath, and body care items, warm hats and gloves, cozy clothing, laundry detergent, linens, paper products, household cleaning supplies, and so many other household items in need, was tremendous.”

“Our hearts are full of gratitude to all the generous contributors. Monday, Dec. 12 was gift delivery day — and we are sure these gifts were received with the same joy with which they were delivered.” says Sr. Roxane Dansereau.

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, there are sad roads we too must walk. Sometimes it seems like nearly the whole world is confused and sad. But confusion and sadness are most often of our doing. At Emmaus House we do not judge or dwell on the past. We believe that all of our women are unique, precious creations of God. Our mission at Emmaus House is to join the women in their journey, walking along side them on the road to physical, emotional and spiritual healing, just as Christ did on the road to Emmaus. Source: Emmaus House Saginaw

Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids. Maria Goretti Beckman and Roxane Dansereau, package gifts.


A Thank You Note

Dear Maria: Thank you for your project to get Christmas gifts for our women at Emmaus House. Beautifully touching. Many Emmaus women have not celebrated Christmas in quite a while so when these gifts arrived imagine the wide-eyed wonder of a six-year-old and you may have an understanding of the experience in our midst. Those special moments of Christmas; it was great! Thank you for helping us help them celebrate. — Love Mariettta, Former Director of Emmaus House.

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