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Full of Grace: Grand Rapids Dominican Sister Tereska Wozniak, OP created this painting as a young art student. “I delight in proclaiming scripture through words and images.” Of all her years in ministry so far, Sr. Tereska says those she spent teaching Spanish and art at St. Joseph High School in Saginaw, Michigan, were among her favorite.


Staying and praying at the tomb,
Mary Magdalene’s world would soon be
Broken open with a light and life
the cosmos had never before imagined.

He who was dead is alive!
He is risen!

Easter Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids


Permaneciendo y rezando en la tumba,
El mundo de María Magdalena pronto sería
Quebrantado, abierto con una luz y vida
que el cosmos nunca antes había imaginado.

¡El que estaba muerto, está vivo!
¡Él ha resucitado!

Bendiciones de Pascua para usted y sus seres queridos,
Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids