The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids published our Congregation Laudato Si’ Action Plan in September 2023.

Following is an overview of our goals and actions. Use the links at the end of this page to view the full plan.

1) Response to the Cry of the Earth

Action 1: Plant 100 trees on the Marywood Campus grounds to expand the tree canopy in our city and neighborhood by 2027.

Action 2:  Continue to develop recycling and composting practices/structures.

Action 3:  Reduce Congregation’s reliance on fossil fueled vehicles and equipment.

2) Response to the Cry of the Poor

Action 1:  Purchase Fair Trade coffee and chocolate products for congregational use at Marywood and Aquinata Hall.

3) Ecological Economics

Action 1:   Reduce consumerism by becoming attuned to how our lifestyles and purchasing behaviors influence the wellbeing of our common home and human family.
Action 2 – Establish Sustainable Purchasing/Procurement Policy/ies.

4) Adoption of Simple Lifestyles

Action 1 – Adoption of simple lifestyles — Water Conservation

Action 2 – Adoption of simple lifestyles — Food

Action 3 – Adoption of simple lifestyles – Use of Electricity

Action 4 – Adoption of simple lifestyles — Recycle

5) Ecological Education

Action 1 – Informing the Congregation (Sisters, Associates and Staff) of what’s happening within our city, community, state, and nation in Community Ways Newsletter under our “Did you know” Banner.

6) Ecological Spirituality

Action 1 – Annually the Dominican Sisters and Associates will celebrate Earth Day, Seasons of Creation, Summer Solstice, and Winter Solstice using prayer, song, and outdoor activities. Individuals and groups may want to join with local celebrations also.

Action 2 – For the next 5 years, we will include a Creation-centered petition in the weekly Intercessions during Sunday Masses at Marywood.

7) Community Resilience and Empowerment

Action 1 – Community resilience and empowerment envisage a synodal journey of community engagement and participatory action at various levels. Actions could include promoting advocacy and developing people’s campaigns, encouraging rootedness and a sense of belonging in local communities and neighborhood ecosystems.



Inquires about this plan can be directed to LSAP Implementation Directors Elizabeth Amman OP and Margaret Hillary OP