In 2015, Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids articulated these Core Values to help our employees connect and engage with our mission. This month, we lift up our commitment to INCLUSION and to LEARNING, recognizing that important contributions to our shared human history have for too long been excluded or erased.

As the month of February begins, we invite you to join us in celebrating Black History Month. We welcome this dedicated time and opportunity to focus our learning on broader inclusion, beyond what we know from school history books.

To honor Black History Month, we’re sharing this inspiring calendar the Sisters of St. Joseph in Brentwood, New York have thoughtfully put together. We are eager to dive in and expand our own awareness and understanding of so many extraordinary individuals whose lives and legacies continue to make an impact on our world today.

Black-History-Month-2021 Packet Final   Click link to download complete packet

Click on the images or links to download individual pages