Michigan authors Dorothy Ederer, OP and Dr. Christopher W. Tremblay recently wrote a new children’s book titled Lucy’s Laptop.

In this story, Lucy introduces all of her friends who describe what they do to help Lucy write her first book. In working together, Lucy’s friends demonstrate how everyone is needed to complete an assignment. In a creative way, Lucy’s Laptop exposes young readers to aspects of working in a computer document. The book is ideal for children in grades 2-5. The book is 34 pages and features racial and ethnic diversity throughout the book, including the cover.

Ederer and Tremblay partnered with illustrator Jacquie Timm on the book. Enjoy the trio’s introductory video.

According to Dr. Tremblay, “It was important for this book to reflect the diversity in our world. I wanted children to see themselves as one of Lucy’s friends. Showcasing inclusivity through diversity models to children that we can all be a part of efforts like helping Lucy write her book.”

Ederer and Tremblay partnered with illustrator Jacquie Timm, who says, “Representation is very important, especially for young children. So when I was developing the characters, I wanted to make sure that we had a very diverse character set so that all children could relate to the book on some level.” This was Timm’s first children’s book. Ederer and Tremblay have been co-creating since 1992. They have collaborated on retreats, games, and other projects. The two met when Ederer served as Tremblay’s campus minister while Tremblay was enrolled at Western Michigan University as an undergraduate student. They have remained connected ever since.

Lucy’s Laptop is the first in a series developed by Ederer and Tremblay. They have five other children’s books in development as part of the series. This series of children’s books uses personification for ordinary items to come to life. Upcoming books in this series include: The Wonderful Weather of God, Here’s the Scoop: The History of Ice Cream, Musical Instruments Believe, FONTS! A Type of Children’s Story, and Less is More. FONTS! will be co-authored by Tremblay and Linda Pohl and Tim Chanko of TLC Productions. That book is inspired by the one-act musical that TLC Productions wrote and produced. Less is More will be co-authored by Tremblay and Rose Lounsbury, another new author (author of LESS, a book on minimalism).

Lucy’s Laptop is available for purchase for $10 on amazon.com.

To contact Tremblay, cwtrem@umich.edu. To contact Ederer, dorteder@gmail.com.

Early Reviews

Lucy’s Laptop received praise from a gifted and talented leader and a second grader:
“I like the characters’ creative names and the fun things that they do! My favorite characters are Bruce
the Backspacer and Patty the Printer,” said Logan P. Greevy, a second grader from Sewickley,
Pennsylvania, who reviewed the book in advance. 

“Lucy’s Laptop is a clever way to introduce children to the various tools of computer software. The
authors creatively give each function a unique personality,” said Susan Sheth, Director of Gifted and
Talented Education GATE, Michigan State University.

About Ederer
Ederer is a Grand Rapids Dominican sister, and one of seven children from Saginaw, Michigan. In the
early part of her career, she taught eighth graders. She has served as a Catholic Chaplain for Holy Cross
Services and has worked in campus ministry at Michigan State University, the University of Michigan,
and Western Michigan University. She has also served as co‐Director of the Joshua Foundation in New
York. Ederer is the creator of the Good News card game and the book, Children Whisper to God. Ederer
has additional books forthcoming, including another children’s books, Women of the Bible.

“This book will delight a children’s heart while learning all they can about computers,” said Ederer.

For more information, visit dorteder.com

About Tremblay
A Michigan native, Tremblay is an only child with a creative mind (such a creative mind that his license
plate is “CRE8OR”). He has served in a variety of higher education administrative roles over the years at
Western Michigan University, Gannon University, the University of Michigan‐Dearborn, the University of
Wisconsin‐Superior, and Michigan State University. He is the creator of Getting In, a card game to help
students under the college admissions process. He is the author of Walt’s Pilgrimage: A Journey in the
Life of Walter Elias Disney and Walt’s Pilgrimage, Jr., the children’s version. For more information, visit waltspilgrimage.com

About Timm
A designer from southwest Michigan, Timm is a mother to twins and a very spunky chihuahua. She has a
BFA from Western Michigan University (WMU) where she studied Graphic Design with a focus on
Typography and Hand Lettering. She has used her skills to design for ABAI, The Disability Network of
Kalamazoo, GFS, eVideon, and many West Michigan small businesses. Jacquie last collaborated with
Tremblay when she created the course logo for his Walt’s Pilgrimage Study in the States course at WMU.
“Getting the opportunity to work with Christopher and Sr. Dorothy on this project was very exciting. I
enjoyed bringing each character to life in a unique and interesting way to help children understand the
different functions. I hope to continue to work with them on future projects and am excited to see what
the rest of the Creative Character Series has to offer,” said Timm.