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The Santa Claus Girls have been active in Kent County for over 100 years. Last year they delivered gifts to 14,613 children from 6,133 families.

Four years ago, Sister Marge Stein suggested to a few Sisters that this looked like a good project – making hats and warm scarves for the Santa Claus Girls project. We sent out a plea for yarn that was just sitting in Sisters’ closets. Skeins of yarn came in from all directions and have continued coming from families and friends all over the state. One box of yarn even came in from friends in Canada. Each year hundreds of hats are made by the Sisters around the city and donated.

Sr. Marge said: “I am so impressed with the number of people who have responded to this project. Our Sisters, employees, family members and friends have all responded.”

When asked why she supports this particular activity Sister Mary Jo said: “I like the fact that the Santa Girls give very practical gifts to the children. Warm clothing, a book, and some play things are included in each gift.”


Pictured above are just a few members of the Nifty Knitters Club: OP Sisters Dorena Gonzalez, Antonita Vigil, Mary Jo Beckett with Aquinta Hall employee Lillian Griffiths.

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