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“I got shoes, You got shoes,
God’s children got shoes.”

Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters Carmen Rostar OP, Doris Faber OP, Jarrett DeWyse OP, Joellen Barkwell OP volunteer every Wednesday afternoon at the Store House on the corner of Five Mile Road and Plainfield Avenue.

This organization was established seven years ago and they receive new merchandise from national companies who have overstock or last year’s products. The Store House sorts all the gifts and makes them available to nonprofit agencies at a very low cost.

Each week is different and may include folding sheets into sets; sorting craft materials; sorting seasonal decorations; adding products to the shelves for display etc. In the last few weeks we have been opening large boxes of shoes, sorting them and looking for mates, then tying them together, and putting them into large bins. We matched over 400 pair of shoes!

There is no fee for membership and many of the materials we sort can be found in neighborhood/parish distribution sites. We encourage non-profit agencies to take advantage of this great service and all the materials that are available.

The StoreHouse is honored to be a small part of supporting our community by connecting millions of dollars worth of BRAND NEW, DONATED household and school related products to our nonprofit and school partners. Working together we can reduce poverty and create a more sustainable future for all in West Michigan.

Enjoying the Store House Christmas Party for Volunteers!