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Let’s support our community by connecting millions of dollars worth of BRAND NEW, DONATED household and school related products to our nonprofit and school partner members. Working together we can reduce poverty and create a more sustainable future for all in West Michigan.

Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters Carmen Rostar, Joellen Barkwell, Doris Faber, and Jarrett DeWyse have been involved in a new ministry of supporting individuals and families in poverty and creating a more sustainable future at the same time.

STOREHOUSE is a 22,000 square foot warehouse redistribution center. It receives truckloads of NEW donated goods weekly for redistribution through two onsite programs: STOREHOUSE for Nonprofits and STOREHOUSE for Schools.

According to its website: “Our onsite store supports equitable education for all by providing teachers and students in low-income schools with needed supplies; donated by local and national organizations. Find out more.

One of the organization’s goals is to increase the number of nonprofit agency members — so the warehouse can move more inventory into the hands of those who need the items.

For a small fee, many resources are made available for at-risk population through the nonprofit organizations.

If you are on a nonprofit board or know of organizations that could benefit from STOREHOUSE, the  membership contact is Michelle (616-855-1700).  There are also many opportunities for volunteer service.

We invite you to visit their website to learn more.