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Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids Response to the Oxford High School Shooting

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN — December 1, 2021 — The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids are saddened by yet another school shooting, this one in our own state of Michigan. The loss of life and tragic injuries grievously wound our society and each of us, even as they devastate the families of those who were injured or murdered. We are outraged at the failure of legislators to enact strong legislation to prevent easy access to deadly weapons.

How many more people will be wounded or killed before our elected leaders find the courage to address the issue of irresponsible gun ownership and violence and make concrete changes?  How many more parents need to wonder if their children are among the victims when they hear of a school shooting? How many more families need to be left with only memories of a loved one? How many more students need to suffer lifetime scarring of physical, emotional, and psychological wounds?

Change needs to happen NOW! We call upon people who hold the various positions on gun rights to come together for dialogue and discovery of a middle ground that protects and respects life.

We Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids call for responsible gun ownership in the United States. We urge stricter licensing, educational requirements, and a national background check for gun ownership. We believe this will reduce the number of deaths and injuries from guns and secure the right to personal safety. We urge our elected officials in Michigan and nationally to adopt such legislation before another horrifying incident like Oxford.

We Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids also call for more availability of mental health services and easier access for all who need it. When added to stricter gun controls, this will save lives.

We pray for healing of mind, body, and spirit for all the victims of the senseless shooting and for the families of Oxford High School. We pray, too, for the shooter and his family. We pray for the day when all our children are no longer at risk when they go to school, for the day when schools no longer need to train for an active shooter, for the day when learning is the ultimate experience within our schools.

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