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The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids 55th General Chapter was held March 3 to 10, 2024.

During Chapter, on Friday, March 8, the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids elected the 30th prioress and council members. The newly elected Leadership Team steps forward to lead the mission and life of the Congregation beginning July 1, 2024, through a six-year term ending July 1, 2030.

The Congregation welcomes the new team during a special mass on Sunday, June 30 at Chapel of the Word/Marywood.

The new Leadership Team will serve a six-year term, July 1, 2024, through July 1, 2030.

Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids Leadership Team 2024-2030
Megan McElroy, OP

Prioress, Sister Megan McElroy, O.P. — Sister Megan served as councilor on the congregation’s 2018-2024 Leadership Team. Previously, she served as co-director of the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate in St. Louis. She served as a pastoral associate in Michigan at St. Patrick Parish in Traverse City and St. Blase Parish in Sterling Heights. Early in her career, she taught school at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in Lake Forest, Illinois. She received her Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from Aquinas Institute of Theology. Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Aquinas College; a Master of Theological Studies from St. John Provincial Seminary; a Master of Divinity with a focus in Word and Worship from Catholic Theological Union; and a Master of Divinity in Preaching from Aquinas Institute of Theology.

Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids Leadership Team 2024-2030
Diane Zerfas, OP

Vicaress, Sister Diane Zerfas, O.P. –– Sister Diane has coordinated and facilitated Dominican Center Marywood spiritual formation programs for the past 18 years. She is an adjunct at Aquinas College in Women and Spirituality. She has served the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids in formation ministry, pastoral ministry, and preaching at Dominican Chapel/Marywood. She previously served in elected leadership 2000-2006. Diane graduated from Marywood Academy where she explored a love of learning and learned to love liturgy and the Dominican charisms. She entered the Grand Rapids Dominicans when she was a sophomore at Aquinas College. She received her Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies – Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis, MO, Master of Arts in Religious Studies – Aquinas College, and Bachelor of Science (Math, Chemistry, Theology, Education) Aquinas College.

Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids Leadership Team 2024-2030
Kathi Sleziak, O.P.

Councilor, Sister Kathi Sleziak, O.P. — Sister Kathi served as executive assistant to the Dominican Sisters-Grand Rapids 2018-2024 Leadership Team. Her past ministries include Vocation Ministry for the Dominican Sisters; co-founder of Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities in Grand Rapids and director of Grandville Avenue Academy for the Arts (now known as Cook Art Center); and for over 20 years as a special education teacher for St Clair County ISD. She is currently a member of Mary’s Hope Committee whose vision is to add beauty to the Marywood Campus and increase the ecological benefits and health of the land. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Marygrove College in Detroit, and master’s degrees from both Eastern Michigan University and Michigan State University.

Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids Leadership Team 2024-2030
Mary Donnelly, O.P.

Councilor, Sister Mary Donnelly, O.P. — Sister Maryhas been a rector at the University of Notre Dame for the past 16 years and has ministered to college students for 35 years. She has served as formation director for the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids and as adjunct faculty at Aquinas College in the theology department. She previously served as pastoral associate and campus minister at St. Paul Campus Parish, Big Rapids, Michigan. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College, a master’s degree from Aquinas Institute of Theology, and a Doctor of Ministry from Western Theological Seminary.

Thanksgiving Prayer Service for Outgoing Leadership Team

On June 29, the Congregation hosts a thanksgiving prayer service to share appreciation for the service of the outgoing Leadership Team of Sister Sandra Delgado, O.P., prioress; Sister Joan Williams O.P., vicaress; Sister Maureen Geary, O.P., councilor; Sister Megan McElroy, O.P., councilor, who served 2018 – 2024.

Chapter toast March 2024 Srs Joan Williams, Sandra Delgado, Maureen Geary, Megan McElroy
A Celebratory Toast. At Chapter in March 2024, Sisters Joan Williams, Sandra Delgado, Maureen Geary, and Megan McElroy celebrated the close of Chapter and election of the new team.