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A Jubilee is an anniversary when we honor Sisters and Associates and reflect on their unique contributions to our lives. We tell stories, share what we’ve learned from and with one another, and reflect on our joys and sorrows. We celebrate!

We honor each Dominican Sister and Associate and the ways that they have shared their God-given gifts with the world, with the Order of Preachers, and with our Congregation. We also honor the Jubilees of Sisters and Associates who have entered Heaven.

Each Jubilarian has a story to tell, and the common threads of our stories are enhanced by one another. The unfolding of the mystery of God’s presence in our lives is awesome. We recognize this unfolding mystery of dying and being reborn as we walk together throughout life. Each Sister’s and Associate’s YES, each day, enhances the whole community.

As they celebrate and reflect, we share with you their stories in this year’s 2023 Jubilarian Booklet: