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Join our Care of Earth commitment during Catholic Sisters Week
Refuse to Use or Buy single-use beverages in plastic bottles all week.

We are teaming up with Catholic Sisters across the country on this one.

Together with Dominicans and Catholic Sisters across the country, we have committed to “Refuse to Use” any single-use plastic beverage bottles during Catholic Sisters Week!

The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids are participating in The Refuse to Use challenge all week: March 8-14.

This is one way we can focus on issues where racism, migration, and climate change intersect in our world today. The damage to our environment and communities caused by plastic pollution, and single-use plastics, is immense: 380 million metric tons of plastic are produced yearly and approximately 91% of plastic is not recycled. Half of all global plastic production is for single-use items.

“Do what we can, the best way we can, and where we can.”

~ Sr. Sandra Delgado, Prioress

Sisters, Associates, employees, and friends are joining this environmental challenge!

The challenge is to avoid purchasing or consuming beverages from single-use plastic bottles.

“At Marywood, we are inviting Sisters , Associate, nd employees to challenge themselves to change their personal buying behavior. Friends are invited too!  Before you even make your shopping list and place your food order, STOP and challenge yourself to not make that purchase this week,” said Sr. Sandra Delgado.

“While this challenge to not purchase single-use plastic is one-week long, during Catholic Sisters Week, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness and learn about plastic pollution — and for each of us to consider personal buying behaviors,” said Sr. Sandra. “It’s so easy to grab a soda or a Gatorade out of a cooler or shelf at the store. We hope this challenge helps us stop and think about some of the negative environmental impacts resulting from the items we buy and consume.”

“In recent years our congregation, with Food Services Director Kim Gauthier’s help, has been reviewing and changing some of our purchasing choices to alleviate plastic when we can,” said Sr. Sandra. “For years our Congregation has not purchased bottled water. Most recently, the congregation stopped buying single-use Gatorade in plastic containers. The shift to buying envelopes of powered drink or bulk cans is one way we can contribute to eliminating plastic.”

“We realize that there are other single-use situations that need further exploration; such as not purchasing liquid laundry detergent in plastic jugs. We will continue to make purchasing adjustments and enact new purchasing policies as we continue to talk with Sisters and employees and develop the future Laudato Si Action Plan for our congregation. This is a seven-year process, so these changes won’t happen immediately. Yet this challenge aligns well with our commitment to care for earth and all creation.”

Sisters and employees, YOUR health and safety is priority #1. Please do not stop eating or drinking something you need for your nutrition, blood sugar, etc.

By law, licensed residences like Aquinata Hall are required to purchase and serve single-use goods like cheese sticks and cereal, etc. We cannot do everything we might want to at this time. But what we can do is continue to study, pray, and advocate for policy changes. Sisters who shop or order food and beverages are choosing to adjust their personal shopping lists and consumption.

Show us you Refuse to Use plastic bottles! Join the challenge!

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