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Dominican Justice Promoters Historic Annual Meeting

The Dominican Justice Promoters of North America, including Grand Rapids Justice Promoter Brigid Clingman, OP, met on June 27 to 29 in Des Plaines, Illinois to renew its mission and direction. Thirty-three participants gathered from California, Washington State, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York and other parts of the United States. We were proud to have a more inclusive representation of the Dominican Family of North America with representatives of the friars of Canada, Dominican Laity and Province and Congregational Representatives joining our annual meeting. Joining us were Communicators: Stacy Spitler of Grand Rapids, Angela Kessler of Adrian, Kate Martin of San Rafael, Gina Ciliberto of Hope and Michael Wilmsen of the Central Province.

The group used the five issue areas of the Call to Justice to examine the signs of the times and focus on actionable items. The areas are:

  • Climate Justice
  • Peace and Security for All Life
  • Migration and Immigration
  • Human Trafficking
  • Economic Injustice

Promoters will continue to address and lift up truth in the areas of climate justice and the oneness of all creation, nuclear weapons, gun control, justice for Palestinians, immigration education and advocacy, human trafficking awareness, the notion of the common good, and economic justice.  Each promoter – and members – cannot address all of the issues. The group realized that there would often be specific issues for congregations, provinces, or regions.

Along with the solidarity and commitment that result from these gatherings, the meeting focused on connecting with communicators to enhance the justice efforts and utilizing our collective Dominican voice and action.

From the meeting’s deliberations, the group committed to compile a 2019 Dominican Family report on the United States’ efforts for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDG’s were agreed to by the nation members of the United Nations and came into effect January 2016. Nation reports are voluntary and, as of yet, the U.S. has not submitted a report. Margaret Mayce, OP, will prepare an outline for our involvement over the coming months.

In solidarity with the world-wide Dominican Family, the promoters will join in the second International Dominican Month for Peace, December, 2018. Our prayer will be for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More information will follow on this initiative.