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As a member of the ministry of the North American Dominican Promoters of Justice, Peace, and Care of Creation, a collaborative of Dominican Congregations, we recognize that this area of injustice is rooted in racism, sexism, poverty, and oppression that give rise to violence. These root causes of injustice inform our study and search for truth.

Naming Our Justice Priority

There is the sociological and economic truth of the deplorable worldwide industry in human trafficking. For purposes of slave and sex labor, desperate men, women, and children are drawn into a vortex of degradation. We denounce the consumerist mentality by which human beings are turned into mere instruments of satisfaction and profit.

Our Call

To expose the truth about modern-day slavery and advocate for substantive laws that protect victims and hold accountable all who facilitate and enable human trafficking.

About Human Trafficking

    • Human trafficking is the exploitation of a person through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.
    • Worldwide migration and the rising number of climate refugees today expose more and more people to becoming victims of human trafficking.
    • Called by the Gospel mandate and our Catholic social teaching on the dignity of all persons, we are compelled to take action against human trafficking, modern day slavery.

Read about all of our Dominican Justice Priorities 2017-2019×14.pdf

Upcoming Events: Human Trafficking

Contact: Sister Brigid Clingman OP, Justice Promoter, Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids

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