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Dominican Associate Terri Sierzant preaches with her presence and generosity of spirit. We are lifting up this story about Terri’s regard, concern, and love for youth who live permanently or temporarily at Wedgewood. Her heart for Christmas, children, and warm pajamas is personal. Below, she shares her story in her own words.

When I was child growing up the two things I always had under the Christmas tree were a new pair of pajamas and life saver candy. Even when times were lean there was always a new pair of PJs.

My Mom carried on this tradition until she died and now I continue the same with my family. Three years ago, I was feeling called to be of comfort to children who know so little comfort in their lives. I knew God had planted a seed. So, I reached out to the Sisters at Marywood, Sunday Assembly, friends, relatives and co-workers and the donations of pajamas — something so simple — began.

Last year while shopping at Kohl’s, I experienced a “GOD” moment. Waiting in line which seemed like eternity I asked God “Why, if I am doing something good, do I have to wait in this line for so long, when I have a million things to do?” I was called to the checkout only to be sent back to the line. I was losing my patience.

Suddenly a new checkout was opened by a sweet young woman cashier. As I was unloading my fifty-some pairs of pajamas — a purchase with money given to me to shop for those who were unable — the young girl asked why I was buying so many pairs.

I told her I was helping a children’s center in town. She said, politely, “May I ask the name?” I told her Wedgwood Christian Services. She stopped, looked at me, and said, “They saved my life.”

She had been in foster care and it didn’t work and she had no place to go. Wedgwood took her in. They saved her. At that moment, I knew that I was doing exactly what God wants me to do. As tears came down both our cheeks, we hugged.

I’m so thankful that God had shown me that I am doing the right thing — and He’s teaching me patience: because everything happens in God’s time.

Terri Sierzant made her commitment to Dominican Associate Life in 2013. We are grateful for Terri’s Dominican presence at Marywood and  in West Michigan.

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