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We are blessed with the commitment and contributions of the Dominican Associate Advisory Board. Their vision leads Associate Life activities now and with their eyes on the future.

The 2017-2018 includes (bottom row left to top row left) Mary Ann Barrett OP, Michael Ellen Carling OP,  Rosemary Cary (Associate), Lisa Mitchell (Associate) Director of Associate Life, Dawn Ewald (Associate), Jarek Kozal (Associate), Vera Ann Tilmann OP, Robert Sadowski (Associate).

Associates on the Advisory Board minister together to enrich the experiences of our 150 Associates. Each of these Associates chair one of our pillar committees. Bob Sadowski chairs Prayer, Dawn Ewald chairs Community, Rosemary Cary chairs Study, and Jarek Kozal chairs Service/Ministry.

The Sisters provide guidance and ideas for Associate Life. They also provide formation ideas for deepening the spiritual lives of our Associates.

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