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We commit ourselves to foster the contemplative stance that all the earth is sacred and interconnected; respect and accountability for the earth are necessary to the survival of life. We affirm that actions which impact the environment will be preceded by the question: Is this action which I (we) are performing supportive of the environment?



For 27 years, the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids has lived into this direction statement by examining our individual and collective actions and providing opportunities for prayer, study, and reflection on this important topic.

Pope Francis’ papal encyclical on the environment released June 18, 2015 was a call to the world about the interconnection of all creation. Laudato Sii: Sulla Cura Della Casa Commune (Praised Be: On The Care Of The Common Home) is a thoughtful resources for people of any faith. In the coming months, our Congregation’s Care of Earth Committee – a committee dedicated to promoting awareness of the sacredness and interdependence of all God’s creation – will review the encyclical with the intention of presenting further opportunities for Sisters, Associates, and others in our civic community to reflect, study, and move toward action on the topic of caring for Earth.


  • The Care of Earth Committee of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids is dedicated to fostering a contemplative stance toward the Earth and to promoting awareness of the sacredness and interdependence of all God’s creation. Awareness of the Earth’s interconnectedness is fostered through study and discussion. Resources and recommendations from this Committee provides direction and content to our Congregation on eco-justice matters and programming at Dominican Center at Marywood. For information about the Care of Earth Committee or getting involved in Care of Earth initiatives, contact Sister Brigid Clingman, Promoter of Justice.
  • Laudato Si’ PDF document is easily read on a tablet or computer screen. It is well over 100 pages; please consider carefully before you print.
  • Laudato Si’: Care Of The Common Home is a thoughtful resources for people of any faith. You can watch the Pope present by clicking on the link.
  • The book: Laudato Si’: Care Of The Common Home is available in the Bookstore at Dominican Center.

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