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Every six years, there is a change in the Leadership Team of our Congregation. A newly elected Leadership Team steps forward to lead the mission and life of the Congregation.

The time during which the business of elections and Constitution review occurs is called Chapter.

From March 2 – March 11, 2018 the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids will be in Chapter.

According to the Constitution of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids (paragraph 81): “The proper work of the General Chapter is to…

  • preserve the spiritual heritage of the congregation;
  • to elect the prioress and council;
  • to review the Constitution and Statutes;
  • to review the quality of life and mission of the congregation;
  • and to set goals and directions for the congregation in keeping with the Gospel, the charism of Saint Dominic and the needs of the times.

We thank you, one and all, for supporting our mission and we ask for your prayers as we do the work of Chapter in these coming days.

The 2012-2018 Leadership Team of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids: Maureen Geary, OP, Prioress; Sandra Delgado, OP, Vicaress/Treasurer; Lucianne Siers, OP, Councilor; Mary Ann Barrett, OP, Councilor

Chapter Prayer 2018

If we could see the journey whole
we might never undertake it,
might never dare the first step
that propels us
from the place we have known
toward the place we know not.
We see it only by stages
as it opens before us.
Creator God, help us to see.

We take the vows the pilgrim takes:
to be faithful to the next step;
to keep an open eye
for the wonders that attend the path;
to press on beyond distractions, fatigue,
and what would tempt us from the way.
Christ the Risen One, help us to be open.

Each choice becomes part of the path;
each decision creates the road
that will take us to that place
where we can offer
the gift most needed:
the gift – that only we can give.
Spirit dwelling in us, help us to love.

~ adapted from a blessing by Jan Richardson

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