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Lisa Mitchell, Dominican Associate

I remember Sister Helen Bolger fondly. I received a French major at Aquinas College and she was one of my professors. She encouraged me to do a semester abroad and I traveled to Rennes, France in my sophomore year. I attended the L’Universite de Haute-Bretagne to continue my French classes. I believe that experience shaped who I am today and broadened my worldview. Being immersed in another culture and language was not only an adventure and learning experience for me, but it took me out of my comfort zone and helped me appreciate people from many different ethnic backgrounds. Hearing and understanding different viewpoints and perspectives is invaluable.

I will go back to France this June to go to the lands of Dominic and I believe Sister Helen is smiling down upon me from heaven that not only will I be studying and speaking French again but also learning more about Brother Dominic whom she loved dearly.

Let’s show the Sisters who have taught us, mentored us, and stood by us — lots of love during Catholic Sisters Week!
Everybody, let’s lift up the mission and spirituality of vowed women religious. Raise up Dominican spirituality and Dominican values of: PRAYER, STUDY, SERVICE, COMMUNITY.

Give a shoutout to the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids.
Let Sisters know that they have impacted your life, and how!