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Sister Doris Faber OP

Sister Doris Faber was extremely instrumental in the development in the faith of my wife, Beth, and me. This was at Saint Andrews Parish in Clemson, South Carolina. My wife and I were married less than 10 years at that time and did not have any children… yet. We had recently moved to the area and had just started going to church there.

Sister Doris was an impressive and amazing tool from God in our lives. From our congregation, she recruited us to become teachers of the 2nd grade sacraments class, and helped us so much in our relationship with God. We are so grateful to Sister Doris for the impact she has had on our lives. We have now been married almost 39 years with two beautiful childern (adults now).

Thank you, Sister Doris!

~ Mike Demos

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Everybody, let’s lift up the mission and spirituality of vowed women religious. Raise up Dominican spirituality and Dominican values of: PRAYER, STUDY, SERVICE, COMMUNITY.

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