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Karen Malmsten, Dominican Associate

Sister Ann Walters is a Grand Rapids Dominican Sister who, along with Sonja Visser, was my mentor through the Associate development process. She is also my spiritual advisor.

One tends to think that Sisters are holier than most people in the world…and they are. But Sister Ann is the kind of Catholic Sister who reminds you of your favorite Aunt. She will understand everything you tell her…no matter what. She will celebrate good things in your life, and help you understand the more challenging side as well. She is the only person I know who can find the spirituality (or make sense out of) any aspect of our life, including political leaders, climate change and the meaning of a single tree at the end of a movie about war.

I have appreciated many wonderful conversations with Sister Ann and the best way to describe them is by recalling the parable of the sower, although her role is not specifically described in Matthew 13. Sister Ann is an example of one who waters the seeds of faith, and tends them to give them a chance to bring forth grain.

Let’s show the Sisters who have taught us, mentored us, and stood by us — lots of love during Catholic Sisters Week!
Everybody, let’s lift up the mission and spirituality of vowed women religious. Raise up Dominican spirituality and Dominican values of: PRAYER, STUDY, SERVICE, COMMUNITY.

Give a shoutout to the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids.
Let Sisters know that they have impacted your life, and how!