On June 26, 2021, the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids celebrated our 2020 Jubilarians.

Their celebration a year before, like so many gatherings, was postponed due to the worldwide pandemic. The delay made our time together especially sweet.

It was a wonderful celebration of the lives, the Holy Preaching, of: Sr. Julia Mae Groulx (70 Years); 60 years each for Sr. Sylvia Wozniak, Sr. Tereska Wozniak, Sr Regina Mary Goeldel, Sr. Jean Williams, Sr. Joan Williams, Sr. Joyce Williams, Sr. Margaret Hillary, Sr. Marguerite Cool; and Sr. Chris Wood (50 years).

We missed Montana-based Margaret Hillary and our prayers were with Sr. Rose Seraphine Sagorski and our other classmates who have gone home to God.



Celebrating Sister Julia Mae Groulx – 70 years: Sisters Roxane Dansereau, Maxine Plamondon, Julia Mae Groulx, Pat Kennedy, Maria Goretti Beckman, Julia Nellett

Celebrating Sister Sylvia Wozniak – 70 years: Sisters Ann Michael Farnsworth, Dorena Gonzalez, Sylvia Wozniak, Elaine LaBell, Phyllis Klonowski, Mary Ann Goch

Celebrating Sister Tereska Wozniak – 60 years: Sister Lois Wozniak RSM and Sisters Cecilia Faber, Tereska Wozniak, Joan Thomas, Therese Rodriguez, Megan McElroy

Celebrating Sister Regina Goeldel – 60 years: Sisters Bernice Garcia, Rosemary O’Donnell, Regina Goeldel, Irene Chrusciel, Diane Dehn, Gretchen Sills

Celebrating Sister Jean Williams – 60 years: Sisters Jean Williams, Catherine Williams, Ann Mason, Donna Jean Thelen, Joanne Toohey, Aquinas Weber

Celebrating Sister Joyce Williams – 60 years: Sisters Mary Ellen McDonald, Maureen Geary, Jarrett DeWyse, Joyce Williams, Barbara Hansen, Mary Kay Oosdyke

Celebrating Sister Joan Williams – 60 years: Sisters Sandra Delgado, Nathalie Meyer, Joan Williams, Janet Brown, Joyce Ann Hertzig, Francetta McCann

Celebrating Sister Marguerite Cool – 60 years: Sisters Jean Kramer, Lorraine Rajewski, Marguerite Cool, Robert Ann Erno, Rose Mary Belanger, Teresa Houlihan

Celebrating Sister Chris Wood – 50 Years: Sisters Katheryn Sleziak, Kateri Schrems, Chris Wood, Joellen Barkwell, Orlanda Leyba, Laurena Alflen