We are so grateful for willing hands and booted feet! God Bless our Earth and the beings that care for her.We had our second early Spring work day in the Prairie Habitat at Marywood last week.

Friends, faculty, and student volunteers from Aquinas College helped break down stems of old growth and cut back a few patches of invasive grass. They also helped with earth moving, especially appreciated by our Facilities Team and Matt Hazel and Meg Gerndt of our Grounds Team.

Each year to honor and care for Earth, Aquinas students, faculty, and staff come together to complete projects at the Dominican Sisters Marywood Campus as well as on campus at Aquinas College. Crews work to improve wooded paths, plant trees, pick up trash and work in the community garden.

The Day of Service is a celebration of the college’s commitment to sustainability and the Dominican pillars of community and service.

The weather cooperated beautifully for a couple of volunteers last Saturday, too.The garden is large and more remains to be done.

If you would like information about upcoming work dates and times, please let me know. Contact Sr. Lucille Janowiak