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“Jesus, the Immigrant” When Sr. Chela Gonzalez, O.P., started making Christmas cards in her 20s, she would sketch them on drawing paper. Now created on the computer, Mary and Jesus are faceless in most of her Christmas images. Sr. Chela explains, “We were created in the image of God”.

Our God emigrates from heaven to earth
finding a home in the womb of a woman.
This woman and her husband journey
to Bethlehem, and lo,

the child is born.

This child seeks a safe place today;
May the light of your heart guide him home.

Blessed Christmas to you and yours,
Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids

* * *

Nuestro Dios emigra del cielo a la tierra
encontrando un hogar en el vientre de una mujer.
Esta mujer y su esposo viajan
a Belén y es allí donde

nace el niño Jesús.

Hoy, este niño busca un lugar seguro
Que la luz de tu corazón lo guíe a casa.

Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia esta Navidad,
Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids