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We’re feeling energized by the spirit of Giving Tuesday and inspired to celebrate! Won’t you join us?

Today we are:

Giving Affirmation

The challenges this past year-and-a-half have weighed heavily on our hearts, especially the losses. But we didn’t give up and we have come through this together, as a community. You are part of our community, and You Are Amazing!

Giving our Full Attention

The struggle for climate justice, our reckoning with racism, the economic challenges burdening so many—these issues aren’t abstract—our brothers and sisters are hurting and we will not allow them to stand alone.

Giving Thanks

We’ve gobbled up all our leftover turkey (finally!) yet still feel so full of gratitude—for all of our blessings—but especially, for our cherished friends like you. We give thanks for you and keep you always in our prayers.

We are so glad and grateful you’re celebrating Giving Tuesday with us today! We hope you’ll feel inspired to give what you can—a hug, a phone call, a prayer, a smile—to someone you know or someone who needs your kindness today. THANK YOU!