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In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bishop Walkowiak visited the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids at Marywood Oct. 2. Pictured Megan McElroy OP, Joan Williams OP, Bishop Walkowiak, Sandra Delgado OP, Maureen Geary OP

It was so good to be able to welcome Bishop Walkowiak to campus for the first time since before the COVID pandemic shutdown.

On Monday, October 2, we began the day with Mass in St. Catherine of Siena Chapel at Aquinata Hall, followed by the Bishop visiting with the Sisters in the first floor community room. He offered his gratitude for all that the Sisters have done over the years throughout the Diocese. He expressed how he sees evidence of our many years of teaching as he visits the parishes and schools recognizing that we had a role as teachers and principals in many of those schools. He also shared his role in the Synodal process as one of the continental writers. He asked that we join the Church in prayer as Bishops and laity gather in Rome for the Synod meeting this month. He then greeted each Sister before moving on to the 2nd floor for a visit with the Sisters there.

He was taken aback a bit when Sr. Liz said she was the Bishop on the floor. He soon realized that she is indeed the Bishop on the floor being that she is the person with the last name of Bishop. Sr. Liz thoroughly enjoyed that.

Bishop Walkowiak and the Sisters enjoyed the personal greeting they received.

Dinner awaited the Bishop and Sisters at Marywood. Food Service Director Kim Gauthier and her dietary staff did a wonderful job of preparing a delicious meal and providing wonderful service – the first ‘formal dinner’ we have had from our new kitchen and new dining room. Great job and thank you so much! After dinner, the Bishop shared a few thoughts and then proceeded to greet each Sister.

The day ended with the Leadership Team meeting with the Bishop, sharing our campus developments and news of our upcoming Chapter and hearing about the state of the diocese. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable visit for all.