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Mary and Sister Ann Hehl, OPFor more than 52 years, she cared for patients as a Registered Nurse. Today, Dominican Sister Ann Hehl’s presence comforts and uplifts in her ministry as a Spiritual Care Companion and as a member of our Pastoral Care Team. She provides pastoral care to patients at Marywood Health Center and companions women and men who are homebound by illness or mobility challenges.

On Friday afternoons, Sister Ann has a standing date with Mary Lou: “We socialize for a while, then we have scripture reading, discussion and prayer. We plan our study identifying meaningful scripture to contemplate during the week between visits.” The two admit they agreed to curtail the weekly sweet treats, “too much of a good thing, you know.”

Mary Lou speaks of friendship and simple joy: “At this time in my life when I can’t get around as well, I can take time for special prayer time, reading, and growing closer to the Lord. Sister Ann’s presence helps so much.”

“After each visit,” says Sr. Ann, “I’m always pleasantly surprised at the conversations that come about. What a comfort it is when people are able to share of themselves.”

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