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May the God of Hospitality be with you, making a home within your heart and blessing you with Divine Presence. May you be the one with welcome in your eyes and the warmth of embrace etched upon your hand, the hand you extend to everyone who blesses you with presence. May the God of Hospitality be with you. –©Maxine Shonk, OP

Dear Dominican Sisters, The blessing for today “The God of Hospitality” touched my heart such that I have tears running down my cheeks as I type. I pray that I am a blessing to others as I continue to interact with family and friends in my daily life.  Thank you sincerely for the blessings you offer which have blessed and strengthened me so very much. God bless you all in your ministry and service to all. — Kathleen 

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A blessing is wishing good for another. As we are blessed, we become a blessing offered to others. Our Daily Blessings may be just what somebody in your life needs at this time. SHARE this blessing as an invitation if you are so moved. Unsubscribe from Daily Blessings at any time by emailing us at