Six Weeks of Reflection Experiences from April 18-May 24, 2020

Both the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids’ community and our Care of Earth Committee and many groups in Grand Rapids had grand plans for the 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY (April 22) as well as the 5th Anniversary of the proclamation of LAUDATO SI’ (May 24). We are all continuing on different paths than the ones planned in February.

The time between these two events is the first five weeks of Easter. During this season of NEW LIFE, let us join together in PRAYER, STUDY, AND MINISTRY to foster the renewal of life on our planet.

Although the format may be different, our collective vision remains as we have experienced when we worked with each other on the NO PLASTIC CAMPAIGN and last year on BIODIVERSITY.

Each week… our Care of Earth committee will distribute materials for prayer, study to interested participants. In Community Ways each week, we will also share a brief reflection linked to this initiative. Join us in reflection if you wish. Dominican Sisters, Associates and Sunday Assembly will receive weekly alerts. If you, too, would like to participate or for more information, contact Sr. Brigid Clingman, OP

  • Week of April 16 Care of Earth Meditation and Invitation to explore how you can help care for our E

Prayer Intention: Today as we begin the next twenty-five days of prayer moving toward the anniversary of LAUDATO SI’ we pray that these celebrations of the earth will move us to action.
Action: Watch  Luisa Neubauer: Why you should be a climate activist | TED Talk

    •  Week of April 20 – Laudato Si’, An Introduction
    •  Week of April 27 – Clean Air
    •  Week of May 3 – Water
    •  Week of May 10 – Deforestation and Earth
    •  Week of May 17 – Migration
    •  Sunday, May 24 – Closing Prayer Celebration Service

Online Prayer Service Sunday, May 24 | 3:00pm (ZOOM)

All are invited to join us for a Closing Prayer Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and the 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si’ Care For Our Common Home. Watch this page for a Zoom link to participate and to download worship aid.


O Creator, Our world is large, and yet your Creation is so fragile. We glimpse the needs of our common home, of our sisters and brothers, and those needs are great. We want to turn away, but you call us back. We want simple solutions, but you want us to help solve the complex problems. Through your Church, you call us to listen, to learn, to reflect and to act. Give us a deep sense of our place in this web of Creation. Give us the wisdom of mind and generosity of heart to seek your will in the world today. Inspire us to respond to the call to live in solidarity with all of your Creation, so that the Earth, and all children of God might live in dignity and peace. Amen ~ Written by Education for Justice staff. Copyright © Reprinted with permission.