Join the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids for Advent O Antiphons Evening Prayer from December 17-23.

The O Antiphons are short, Scripture-based Advent prayers from the Middle Ages that are part of the prayer of the Church in the Liturgy of the Hours.

Each year, the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids host this beautiful seven-night experience of prayer, song, music, and preaching. This year O Antiphons services will be broadcast by Zoom from Chapel of the Word at Marywood Dec. 17-23 at 7:00 pm.

O Wisdom | Saturday, Dec. 17 | Preacher – Richard Meyette
O Adonai | Sunday, Dec. 18 | Preacher – Rev Klaas Walhout, Chaplain at St. Mary Hospital
O Root of Jesse| Monday, Dec. 19| Preacher – Rev Lynette Sparks, Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian
O Key of David | Tuesday, Dec 20 | Preacher – Rosemary O’Donnell OP, Dominican Sister, Retired Aquinas Professor
O Radiant Dawn | Wednesday, Dec 21 | Preacher – Nancy Koehler, Dominican Associate
O Ruler of Nations |Thursday, Dec 22 | Preacher – Rev Dick Host, Retired Catholic Priest, Soup Kitchen Volunteer
O Emmanuel |Friday, Dec 23 | Preacher – Katie Gordon, Co-founder of Nuns & Nones


Use this zoom link to join us for O Antiphons each evening.

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