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John the Baptist is a Voice crying out in the wilderness:
His listeners are not certain who he is.
Christ? Elijah? a Prophet? NO!
Like John, each one of us has been sent by name to Testify
that Jesus Chris is the Light of the world.

So, who do we say we are today?
not someone untouchable, but vulnerable,
not super special, but an ordinary pilgrim,
not a hero, but a disciple,
not THE Light, but a Mirror that reflects it.
Come, O Christ our Light.

What does our testimony sound like today?
Are we a voice among many voices speaking Truth?
Are we the bearer of Light to a world in darkness and disarray?
Are we a Light that illumines, that brings understanding and clarity to conflict?
Are we a Light that uncovers disfunction and divisions?

May we preach the power of Love to forgive and unite,
for we are sent by name to baptize our world with words of curing.