Creator God,
Our hearts hurt for the people of Syria and Turkey.

We know Earth shudders under the brutality of injustice inflicted upon her and her people anywhere and everywhere.

Yet her own quaking leaves thousands dead and even more injured. As Earth shakes, buildings topple, and people are buried. There is wailing and weeping for every lost soul.

There is rejoicing with every child, woman, or man
rescued alive – miraculously ALIVE – from the rubble.

Prayer is what we have to offer: so we beg you please, bring

hope to the desperate
comfort to those who have lost loved ones
healing to those injured
strength of spirit to rescue workers
generosity of heart to other nations.

Help us to hear the cries of your people.
Keep us tethered to them as a newborn is to her mother

providing life through prayer, action, and donation
so they do not feel abandoned and alone.

May they know our connection to them
in and through you
who created us in your image
as sisters and brothers to one another.

~ Megan McElroy OP