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In the Catholic tradition, Epiphany is a time that offers us hope and encouragement that the gift of Christ can be found in our own lives. In celebration of Epiphany, January 6, we offer this prayer.

Jesus became human –

To show us how to love:
Wholeheartedly, selflessly,
inclusively, unconditionally.

To show us who to love:
All – as sisters and brothers —
those we do not understand,
those who do not understand us,
those who surprise us.

To show us love incarnate:
A gentle touch, a challenging word,
an inquiring look, a listening ear,
a compassionate ministry, a prophetic stance.

The Christ has made manifest –

God’s Gift of Life,
God’s daily Presence,
God’s bountiful Mercy,
God’s awesome Creations
God’s breadth of Faithfulness.

We Look for “Stars” –

That direct our journey,
That offer new perspectives,
That induce wonder and awe,
That call us to risk,
That entice us to sing, dream, hope, dance, march.

We stand ready for Epiphanies –

To look for inner goodness,
To hold all things in a light grasp,
To acknowledge biases,
To accept Woe! and Whoa! grac-iously,
To humbly be “broken” and “poured.”

God be praised – now and forever.