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“Life is the childhood of our immortality.” Goethe

If I had not answered the Call to Religious Life, I am not sure how my personal, spiritual, and professional growth would have unfolded.

I was born in Lake Leelanau on November 21,1938 to Dennis and Mildred Kirt. St. Mary’s Church and School continue to nurture faith, education, service, and community for our family. I was in the tenth grade when Fr. Schrems posed a question, “Who is going to take Sister’s place?” My silent response was “I will”. After high school I began my journey toward 60 years of Dominican Life.

Many wonderful people have shared life and ministry with me. Teaching fourth graders or high school sophomores, I expected their best effort. Grand Rapids, Bay City, Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw, Beaver Island, Traverse City, and Fremont were my teaching missions. Summer work at St. Mary’s histopathology lab provided me “real world” experiences to inspire students toward medical careers. Whether teacher or administrator, my north star was: “Kids and teachers are unique individuals and my most important ministry.”

Reading, brook-trout fishing, small game hunting, gardening, carpentry, sports, crocheting, quilting, stamp collecting, photography, rock polishing, and general repair work are among the many hobbies I enjoy.

Podiatry care and leading a monthly Cancer Survivor’s Prayer group deepened my relationships with Sisters and my God. Though now limited in activities, my smile and quick wit seem to bring delight.

Only a ‘yes’ to God can make my life really fruitful.

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