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Puzzling is one of the contemplative practices enjoyed by Sisters at Marywood. The puzzle table attracts the diligent puzzlers and the drop-in puzzlers. The Korson Sisters: David Therese, Lydia, and Peter Mary are great puzzle fans. Sister Carmella Conway is also a regular.

Sisters Margaret Kienstra and Carol Ann Nowak are avid puzzlers. Sister Linda Schnoenborn has done a zillion. Sister Judith Kirt did puzzles for years.

As you enjoy this holiday weekend, may you make time for your own reflective practice, commit to doing something that brings you peace and enjoyment. Unbox your own puzzle and see what unfolds.

A Blessing for you on this Saturday after Thanksgiving.

May the God of the Morning be with you. May you awaken with gratitude in your heart, eager to experience the newness this day offers. May your outreach and service stretch you to embrace all that comes your way –with trust, without judgment. May your eyes be opened to see below the surface of things; may your ears be opened to hear God’s voice in the pleas for attention; may your heart be opened to love like God, so that your “being and acting” bring a little more hope into our world. May the God of the Morning bless you on your way today. — Mary Ann Barrett, OP


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