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On the occasion of the 800th Jubilee year of the Dominican Order, the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids held an essay contest which was open to high school, college, and life-long learners. We are pleased to announce that two Aquinas College students, Natalie Smith and Patricia Schlutt, wrote the winning essays.

The invitation to write an essay was to explore and explain the connection between St. Dominic’s vision and our world today. Two questions were offered: How might St. Dominic’s legacy be a compass for today? And How might it provide hope for tomorrow?

The Dominican Order of Preachers began 800 years ago in southern France. Since then all around the world, members of the Dominican Order, both women and men, have preached the Word of God with their very lives. St. Dominic’s vision of seeking the truth, preaching God’s mercy, studying God’s word, and serving those who are most vulnerable was unique in his day, and is still very relevant today in our quest for peace and justice.

Both winning essays were well researched and provided a comprehensive perspective of Dominican life as it is lived today. Congratulations to both Natalie and Patricia! We are enriched by your views and understandings of Dominican life as it was envisioned by St. Dominic and how it is being lived out in our midst.

Contact: Lucianne Siers, OP


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