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An End To Our 2014 Blessings Journey… And An Invitation to Continue 

In honor of our 125th anniversary in West Michigan, we invited you to walk with us on a journey of intentional reflection on the many blessings God bestows – in big ways and small – every day.

The 125 days of blessings have been an opportunity to quiet hearts and minds and actively listen for God’s presence in our lives. They have also provided an opportunity to renew our spirit and our firm belief in God’s active work in each of us. 

We have received numerous requests to continue these blessings, and have decided to do so after the New Year.

As our 125th anniversary commemorative blessings come to a close, we invite you to remain engaged and intent on listening for God’s presence and voice in your life.

Beginning Jan. 2, we will not longer post the blessings here on our website. If you would like to continue viewing the blessings, sign up to receive the blessing daily in your email box.

Thank you for journeying with us these past months.  It has been a joy to hear from you. For those who wish, we look forward to continuing the journey in this New Year, 2015.

To you all, God’s beloved, may God send you grace and Peace,

The Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids


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