Spend 13 days exploring historical sites in Greece and Turkey made sacred not only by the presence of the Apostle Paul but also by the Evangelists John, Matthew, Luke, and other early Christian leaders. No other area in the world can match the natural beauty, spectacular archaeological, and significant historical sites connected with the first traces of the early Church as it moved out beyond the boundaries of Israel into the wider Gentile world. Here lie the historical foundations not only of the New Testament itself, but also the development of the earliest Apostolic Church as it began to take root in the Greco-Roman world.

“As many of you know, for some time now I have had the privilege of leading special overseas study tours to the lands of the Bible, on behalf of Catholic Theological Union. We are preparing once again in Fall 2024 to trace the footsteps of Paul and other courageous early missionaries as they established the church in Greece and Turkey. As the Acts of the Apostles testifies, Paul himself blazed a trail through some of the most fascinating parts of the ancient Mediterranean world, planting Christian communities wherever he went. This is a journey you should not miss.” ~ Sister Barbara Reid, OP


Travel Dates: October 5 – 18, 2024

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Tour will be led by Sr. Barbara Reid, OP, President of Catholic Theological Union and world-renowned scripture scholar, who will provide biblical background and context for the inspiring places we’ll visit together.