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This quote from Rumi is a favorite at Dominican Center.

Mercy. God’s compassion and kindness, to us as favored, beloved children. Not getting what we deserve; receiving more than we can imagine. Mercy is a gift from God, surprising us with wonders that we do not deserve and yet that we realize we have been secretly desiring. As we acknowledge the chaos of our world and the inner messes that can harden our hearts, we know that only God can bring us peace. Jesus is the face of God’s mercy, a visible and living sign of love. Mercy is the gift shared with us that we are asked to share with our neighbor. How we respond is proof of God’s action in our lives.

Sister Diane: How did you find Dominican Center?
Kim: I’ve known about Dominican Center for quite a few years. I had a friend who had a spiritual director here, and my husband liked to come here for retreat days. They both encouraged me to contact you.

Sister Diane: You went on to register for the Spiritual Direction Practicum; please describe your experience.
Kim: Transforming! I’m finding out more and more who God is and who I am. Learning that “everything belongs” changes everything. My inner journey is now deepening and scary and exhilarating. It’s activated a call to action within my heart, leading me to “do for others.” You know, there is always something more to do for God.