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My 2-year-old son, Ozzie, loves the water. He’s moved from exploring and splashing in the shallow parts of the YMCA pool to tentatively traveling with me into deeper waters. Over time and with experience, he’s grown more comfortable. He is so comfortable that he jumps off an underwater bench and glides to me a few feet away. It’s been a slow building of skills to get to this point, but foundationally, he trusts that I will be there to catch him as he hurls his tiny body into deeper waters. While his faith in me is important now, I also want him to trust himself, the skills he’s learned, and the water.

In May, Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College welcomed six spiritual directors who completed three years of formation, including Foundations in Spirituality and the Spiritual Direction Practicum. While their ‘pool’ differed from Ozzie’s, they followed a similar path. Through a variety of experiences, formation, training, and mentorship, they’ve grown more comfortable in sacred waters of spiritual direction. They’ve gained skills so they can now fully jump in, confidently, and comfortably on their own.

It was beautiful to witness this transformation as they grew in their ability to hear and trust God’s work and God’s voice flowing in and through their lives and then to help others do the same. Not always easy, the journey was illuminative and liberating. Some discovered more of the authentic people God created them to be, while others shed negative experiences in and around faith communities or individuals. Each journey was unique, led by God, unfolding in the Spirit.

As in swimming, there will always be more for each director to learn and further skills to develop. More confidence will come with experience, but foundationally, they can trust themselves and the water where God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit dwell. It is in trusting the water that we can all continue to plunge in and discover further depths and distant shores.

Please join our community as we welcome six new directors. Jump in! The water is ready.

Our next Foundations in Spirituality class begins September 24. Strengthen your understanding of spirituality and open your heart to a deeper spiritual life during this serious reflective study that opens our minds and hearts to the teachings and life examples of the great Christian spiritual teachers. DETAILS

Learn more about the Spiritual Director Practicum, also beginning this fall 2023.

Andy Rebollar is an apprentice and spiritual director referral coordinator at Dominican Center Marywood. He also leads our Spiritual Direction Practicum. He is a spiritual director, writer, and speaker. For more than 20 years, he has served the church in various roles ministering to youth, young adults, and adults, nationally and internationally. Andy loves the journey that God’s invitations have led him on, especially the people and places.