SisterLiz Bishop

March 20, 1935 I came into a loving family of ten children. My parents, Alphonse and Mary Bishop, were my role models and taught me to love others with a compassionate spirit. I was educated by our Dominican Sisters at Maple Grove, who also inspired me along the way. How little did I realize when I entered our Dominican Congregation, that I was destined to be a nurse to serve the sick forever.

Nursing was a new adventure for our Dominican Congregation at this time, and I was chosen to follow in this profession. New Mexico and Michigan were places where I served in hospitals. Then our hospitals closed and I was sent to work in the public sector. What a privilege it has been all these years to be a part of God’s Healing Team. Prayer and quiet time alone with God have energized me to continue the plans He had in mind for me.

2022 – 68 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for those who are ill and suffering and for health care providers