SisterFrancetta McCann

These past 50 years have been full of surprises spiritually and emotionally. I often reflect on a quote from Teilhard, de Chardin, SJ: “Above all TRUST in the slow work of God. . . only God could say what this new spirit gradually forming within you will be. . . God’s hand is leading you. . . accept the anxiety of feeling in suspense and incomplete.”

I pray and cry out NO MORE VIOLENCE OF WAR, injustice, abuse, blatant and systemic racism, asking God – why can’t we be as ONE? I thank God for loving me and hope to become a woman of PEACE – singing God’s PRAISE, to BLESS others and PREACH God’s love through acts of JUSTICE.

I am grateful for my community, my loving parents and siblings who fostered the gifts of the fine arts. We had concerts, walls of paintings in our home and my father taught me how to print photographs. I cherish my friends who have supported and challenged me, shared prayer and laughter and walked with me for these 50 years as a Grand Rapids Dominican.

I was born in Highland Park, Michigan as Mary Frances McCann. I am the 3rd of four children. After graduating from high school in Detroit I went to McAully School of Nursing in Pontiac, then lived in Ann Arbor and worked at the Veteran’s Hospital there, where I met our Dominican Sisters who were visiting relatives. After making a retreat at Marywood, I entered our community in 1961. My ministries have been in nursing, working with unwed mothers, the Detox Center with the Salvation Army, God’s Kitchen, Director of Help Pregnancy Crisis and Director of Rose Haven Outreach. I’ve ministered to women on the streets, who were enslaved in human trafficking, prostitution, drug addictions and homelessness, and started the Pottery Program at Heartside Ministry. I ministered to women who are victims of abuse at the Methodist Community House as Outreach Coordinator of Our First Step House.

I completed my Associate of Arts Degree at Grand Rapids Community College with emphasis in Photography. I enjoy classical music, gardening, doing pottery and being curator of the art gallery at Dominican Center at Marywood.
Photographer Sister Francetta McCann

2017 – 56 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for persons enslaved into prostitution, addiction and homelessness

Sr Francetta McCann, the listener. “The Lord has given me many roads to travel… they have been rewarding challenging, and life-giving. I have served as a nurse and presence in a veteran’s hospital, detox center, and for inner city social service centers… how much I have learned…”

Sister Francetta doing an intake assessment with a woman who is homeless in Grand Rapids.

In ministry with Sister Francetta McCann, OP

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