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Each of our Sisters has a story. Her story is woven into our Congregation story,
which continues to unfold.

For Sisters who have passed, we honor and celebrate their legacies. The    indicates a Sister is deceased. View Sister Obituaries using the filter function. Select deceased and search by name, by year, and more.

We encourage you to use the filter to get to know our Sisters.

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Sister Joellen Barkwell, OP

†Sister Rita Barreras, OP

Sister Mary Ann Barrett, OP

Sister Mary Pat Beatty, OP

†Sister Jacqueline Bennett, OP

†Sister JoAnn Boucher, OP

Sister Anne Breitag, OP

Sister Michael Ellen Carling, OP

†Sister William Mary Conway, OP

†Sister Magdalena Conway, OP

Sister Mary Courtade, OP

†Sister Eunice Cronin, OP

†Sister Geraldine Fox, OP

†Sister Jacqueline Hudson, OP

†Sister Jeanne Marie Jones, OP

†Sister Stella Jozwiak, OP