Our Sisters

Each of our Sisters has a story. Her story is woven into our Congregation story, which continues to unfold. In time, more Sisters will be added to this section of our website. We invite you to return and spend time getting to know those whose presence has touched your life.

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† Sister Juliana Barilla, OP

† Sister Jude Bloch, OP

Sister Lillian Bockheim, OP

Sister Theresa Bray, OP

† Sister Beata Bugala, OP

† Sister Jeannette Chiasson, OP

† Sister Amata Fabbro, OP

Sister Cecilia Faber, OP

Sister Mary Catherine Fodrocy, OP

Sister Barbara Hansen, OP

† Sister Katrina Hartman, OP

† Sister Jeannine Kalisz, OP

† Sister Susan Keller, OP

Sister Judith Kirt, OP

Sister Phyllis Klonowski, OP

Sister Monica Meyer, OP