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The Collaborative Dominican Novitiate (CDN) was established in 1988 by 15 Dominican Congregations; 22 Congregations now participate in the joint effort by the women in the Dominican Order in the USA.

Grand Rapids Dominican Sister Megan McElroy, OP has served as co-director of the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate since 2012, ministering to provide initial formation for women discerning their future as Dominican Sisters.

The purpose of the canonical year in the CDN is to provide a quality experience of Dominican community life, prayer, study, ministry, exposure to and practice of preaching skills, and personal growth for the novices of the member groups.

Each year a new group of novices comes together to create its own unique experience of community with fresh spirit, abundant gifts, and eagerness to grow in the Dominican tradition.

“We live each day anchored by the four pillars of Dominican life: Prayer, Community, Study and Ministry,” says Sister Megan.

As part of the novitiate experience, novices visit Dominican Congregations in the United States to learn more about the communities. In Grand Rapids, the Dominican Sisters share our distinctive liturgical ministry emphasis.

The CDN is situated at St Louis, Missouri.

Read more about the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate.


The process of this collaborative experience is intended to:

  • Offer a rich novitiate experience
  • Encourage a supportive peer group
  • Share the giftedness and resources of the congregations involved
  • Promote the charism of the Order.

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