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To usher you into these upcoming summer months, Dominican Center has three retreats available to assist you in setting your anchor down in God before the journey through these bright, and often, busy months. Each one has a different focus so you may find one resonates more with you than another. They are all contemplative, designed to settle you into that sacred, intuitive, creative space out of which life flows. How would you like to begin your summer?

“Awakening Spirituality: Exploring Our Sacred Stories through Making Mandalas”

6pm – 8:30pm Friday, May 31 and 9am – 4:30pm on Saturday, June 1

This offering taps into the historic and intuitive process of creating multi-media mandalas as a way to contemplate, explore and deepen your experience of the Divine through a sacred life story of yours. If there is a story in your life that is asking for some attention from you, this could be a fruitful space to unpack it with God. Debra Paxton-Buursma and Yoli Vega will guide you on this retreat. Learn more and register here.

“Transformation in Presence: Integrating Awareness of God”

6:30pm to 9pm on Friday, June 7 and 9am to 3pm on Saturday, June 8

If you have wondered what are ways you can become more aware of God’s presence and allow calm, clarity, compassion and creativity to flow out of you, then this offering will meet your need. Amanda Waldron and Kristen Bylsma will be leading you through learning and practicing being present with the Spirit so that we, and our world, might be changed. Learn more and register here.

“Soul Collage®: What’s Growing in Your Garden?”

10am – 12:30pm on Saturday, June 15

This is a reflective and creative space to identify what God has planted in your life so that you can cultivate it throughout the summer. We will be considering how to remain centered during uncertainty and the unknown and how to trust the potential of transformation. To do so, we will be creating cards from found images in an intuitive, contemplative, and creative process. Ruth Zwald, a certified Soul Collage® instructor, will be your guide. Learn more and register here.

We hope these offerings will carry you over the threshold into summer, connected to the love of God!