For many years Phyllis Morzinski, OP had been teaching art and doing art but at age 55 she returned to college to enhance her skills. It was quickly discovered that she had a natural ability for sculpting. She has the capacity to wait for the sculpture to “reveal” itself. Much of her work time is spent in silence and prayer and waiting to bond with the piece. An artist in residence at Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids, MI, her works line the halls. Bronze figures of hers can be located at Marywood, St. Thomas School, and Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. A lifesize sculpture of St. Dominic is in the process of being bronzed. A limestone sculpture of St. Thomas Aquinas is located at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids.

She created the Fra Angelico Award in Alabaster and then later in the current bronze form. Phyllis has been a board member and faithful member of DIA.