“What has gone before and what is yet to come is beyond my control, but the magic of today is within my influence.”

She will be:

WISE; from having learned from her experiences of life.

JOYFUL; savoring the moment, sucking the juice out of it.

LOVING; love will rule her judgments and relationships.

FLEXIBLE; willing to change, adaptable to the changes demanded by the aging process.

ASSERTIVE; she will speak truth from her heart, and learn the necessary virtues of courage and self-confidence.

LIGHTHEARTED; learn to laugh at herself and the universe. Have fun so people will enjoy being around her.

HOPEFUL; learn to retain her brain to think more positively, to see options and choices

UNIQUE; bring her own best gifts forward: gentleness, a listening spirit, interest in and appreciation of others.

– From Sr. Yvonne Foster-Greiner’s book, Inner Journey

“As a high school student at Marywood for four years, I remember being exquisitely lifted up out of the ordinary humdrum of life by experiencing high Mass liturgies with the Sisters singing the Gregorian Chant. The simplicity and beauty of those melodic lines… moved me to the core of my heart where my God resides.” Yvonne would return to Marywood during her junior year of college as a Candidate. One of her tasks was to help conduct chant practices, playing the organ and apprenticing with Sister Evangelista with the smooth flow of liturgical prayer in Dominican Chapel.